To Every Season, Turn, Turn, Turn…after our two long and very different careers came to an end and our children grew, flew our nest, and became parents of another generation, what to do? How to turn?

It was time to step back; to follow rather than lead. Yet, our experience, what we have learned along the way, we still believe has value.


And so, this forum, Change Counts, was born.


It will provide a forum to share perspectives on a range of issues that are interesting to us and we hope to you. We hope to be joined by other writers who see Change Counts as a place to share their thinking and experiences and reflect on the issues that are important to them. We welcome them to this space.


If Change Counts spurs your thinking as readers and as writers, we will have done our new jobs.


Carole and Marty Levine

Levine Partners, LLP